'NewStart' Drop-In for Crisis Listening, Counselling & Psychotherapy Service


Why Suffer in Silence?

A FREE SERVICE... for Befriending and student Counselling:

NEW START offers a FREE Drop-In Service to the general public, some who may be suffering from Stress or Upset and just need to talk to someone and be heard.  We offer a listening ear to those who need to offload and perhaps share their grief, or sadness, or worries.  

This is a FREE service!!!

We rely on Charitable Donations to keep the service operating.   And as a Charitable organisation, it is manned mainly by volunteer student counsellors, and occasionally by qualified counsellors.

This is considered to be Crisis Listening, or Emotional Support and it is called simply Befriending or medium term (average up to 6 weeks) Counselling, carried out by our students. This Drop-In and Counselling Service is a completely Free service.  However, this part on the bus is not really 'in depth counselling'.  'Counselling & Psychotherapy' is usually done on a regular weekly basis and will often run for more than 6 weeks, to address specifically deeper seated issues. 

For deeper longer term Counselling or Psychotherapy you will need to be in a formal contract with a mature student or qualified counsellor/therapist..

Please NOTE!  

FORMAL CONTRACT COUNSELLING at Acorn House - This is 'NOT FREE' but it is still low cost and requires a formal agreement which is by referral and supervised at all times.  This is also financially 'means' tested, (depends on your income or lack of it) which will suit everyone's pocket and not be a hurdle to get help. 

With regard to the Drop-In Service on the Minibus, we will not turn anyone away for financial reasons, though we do suggest a minimum donation of £5 per session; to help cover our vehicle administration costs for the charitable organisation.

Talk to a qualified Counsellor at NEW START for more details of our service or ask for a pamphlet outlining our services to the general public.

For Private Fee Paying Patients ONLY See below...

Private Patients only - 07786 260440. 1pm - 9pm weekdays only. 

BUS-STOP is a Community Interest Company. We are a not-for-profit Limited Company.