'BUS-STOP' Drop-In & Counselling service Ltd


At the BUS-STOP we may offer space to experienced Counsellors and we are also able to offer 'placements' to volunteer Student Counsellors, on one year term (with an initial 3 month probationary period). An Assessment interview will be required for student placement suitability, and qualified counsellor volunteers, in any event.

Students must be enrolled on established or recognised courses 'locally', at established colleges, such as, within Colleges around Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Bedford, Luton, or Northampton Uni and registered with the CPFI, BPS, BACP, NCS or UKCP, or a recognised equivalent. 

A paid psychological assessment Interview with one of our supervisors will be required, which is our duty of care to the public and to students.

The Management and Supervision are qualified and experienced licensed therapists, established in theoretical training and experiential work, which covers Integrative Psychotherapy, within the Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Existential and Transpersonal theories, though not exclusively contained by each area of therapeutic schools mentioned.

We are loosely Integrative - Psychodynamic, Rogarian and Existential, also utilising Brief Solution Therapies where relevant, including a basic Spiritual Model converging as a holistic approach to all therapy carried out.  

However, BUS-STOP is a completely secular organisation and does not prosteletyse students or clients for any faith, or religion, but rather encourages each to find one's own spiritual path, and offering a very large tool box to aid client work. One size does not fit everyone.  

This is a level 1, 2 & 3 placement. The Levels are as follows:- 

1 - Befriending only [or commonly understood as simple crisis listening].

2 - Medium term counselling [2 weeks to 6 months]. 

3 - Long term counselling [6 months + ].   

We have client on levels at 1, 2 & 3, on the mini-bus.

However, for the more severe cases, such as 'longer term' counselling & psychotherapy, clients are usually seen by qualified and registered therapists at our, Acorn House, office training suite & typically separate counselling rooms, as seen below. 

The volunteer student community at the 

BUS-STOP Service will inevitably change each year and therefore we expect a turn-over, which will happen as existing students finish training and attain their qualifications. We then gain new students each year who will also continue to enrol on courses and need to gain this valuable client experience at BUS-STOP

Please be patient.

You will need to email office@thebus-stop.org.

Once a student email has been received and replied (check your Spam box and add our email address to your address file). Students may then be offered an informal interview; where you will be assessed for suitability and if you are successful, you will be asked to fill in an initial application form and DBS application, as a candidate, for one of our volunteer roles with the Drop-In.

BUS-STOP - New and existing students are managed properly and initially will have an induction course and assimilation course, dealing with Chaotic Clients & Self.  

Students will have managerial assistance where necessary although students will be expected to perform and behave as trainee professionals whilst undergoing this placement, training and supervision sessions. 

Any supervision sessions not attended will need to be made up at the student's own expense privately.  

NOTE: There will be a mandatory free group supervision once each month.  This is usually on a Saturday through lunch time and will meet locally, the venue to be advised. 

Missing a monthly clinical supervision is unacceptable, if you are seeing clients, this means that students, or even existing counsellor volunteers, would need to cover their attendance with an acceptable private one-to-one supervision negotiated within their training organisation, for any sessions they missed.