'NewStart' Drop-In for Crisis Listening, Counselling & Psychotherapy Service

THE 'NewStart' SERVICE  

Why Suffer in Silence?

Pick up a leaflet today.  The BUS-STOP Community Interest company is a charitable, not-for-profit, organisation and offers a core service of listening, stress management and emotional support. 

This can also develop into more in-depth counselling, by arrangement, for those who require it.  

Therefore, we usually offer the same 'walk in' time slot to regular clients every week. 

If any of our counsellors or student counsellors are already with someone else when a new enquirer, drop-in, client attends, they will of course tell the enquirer when they will be free or the next volunteer’s free slot begins.

The 'NewStart' service is available on a daily basis as a simple Drop-In facility. Our volunteer Befrienders, Student Counsellors, Counsellors, Therapists or Psychotherapists work on a weekly rota.  Appointments may be secured for regular in depth issues with our resident counsellor, but they will usually be carried out at our offices at ACORN HOUSE in CMK.

NEWSTART Minibus Opening Times:- 

Usually from around 9am until 6pm (when available...)

Summer time - Three slots every day (7 days): - 

9am - 12 Noon, 12 Noon - 3pm, 3pm - 6pm. 

Winter time - Three shorter slots: - 

10am - 12pm, 12pm - 2pm, 2pm - 4pm. 

Occasionally we have to close at various times while we interview and check a new intake of student volunteer counsellors. However, we always have a service available at our offices, at ACORN HOUSE, only by appointment. 

Therefore, if the NewStart Minibus facility is closed at any time, please call the regular telephone number and leave a message but please also send a text message to inform, if there is no fast response, due to the Resident Counsellor/s in session with clients or off duty -  

Appointments or inquiries:

Tel:   07 - 799 - 847 - 720

We at 'NewStart' find that clients are ready to chat and receive a little human compassion and understanding and that often is all that they need. Others may need more and wish to talk on a deeper level with regards what troubles they have.

A normal drop-in session will be approx 20 (twenty) minutes to 50 (fifty) minutes long and is at the discretion of the volunteer counsellor.

A referral may be necessary and this will be conveyed to the client as soon as possible after any attended session.

Resident Counsellor - An assessment may be necessary and our resident Therapists are available to carry out assessments. www.talktherap4u.org  07799 847720. email: psychotherapist@thebus-stop.org 

NewStart Clients are free to continue using the Drop-In facility at will and they may see whichever counsellor is on duty at the time they attend. 

They may incidentally choose to see a particular volunteer regularly and that is ok. No detailed personal particulars are kept on the drop-in & counseling Minibus.

A client who has been seeing a volunteer regularly can ask any particular counsellor for a regular counselling contract (to also be agreed by the student's manager and the current supervisor) and therefore a fuller relationship begins to develop with that volunteer. This also means signing an official agreement and will help focus the commitment to the counselling and agreed sessions and therefore a more longer term therapeutic relationship may emerge.

We sometimes have a ‘second’ assistant, 'a Befriender', on duty to speak to passers by, while the New Start Minibus is open, to answer simple questions about the service, not offering any counselling, but simply to offer leaflets and help by discussing possible session times.

The volunteer counsellors are in phone contact with all the various help agencies, including Council, Ambulance and Police, to offer and summon urgent assistance, if required.

All our NewStart volunteers comply with the CPFI, BACP and UKCP code of ethics and practice in all aspects of the work, including confidentiality.

Records will not be stored on the vehicle that give specific personal details.  All client information held is security number ticket coded and without a ticket number the information will simply not relate to a specific client, therefore safety and confidentiality is ensured for all clients. 

We do request a small Donation per drop-in session - towards facilities. We Suggest £5, but what you can afford is good.

Note:  Prospective Counsellors: THE NEXT FREE  Taster Session is now available - register now! '

ACORN HOUSE 393 Midsummer Boulevard. Central Milton Keynes     MK9 3HP.  

Also available for TRAUMA / PTSD. we use the following services:-

The TRAUMA CARE TEAM - International Therapy Support Services