'BUS-STOP' Drop-In & Counselling service Ltd

THE 'BUS-STOP' SERVICE  - Why Suffer in Silence?

BUS-STOP offer a two-tier service to the general public. 

1). Our first tier, or Front-line of Mental Health service offers service users the facility to attend specifically for 'crisis listening' and it is 'free of charge'.

2). Our second tier, or Front-line of Mental Health service is offering regular weekly 'contracted counselling' to service users, which incidentally is 'means' tested and a regular small donation would be expected weekly to keep the service operating, which we have done so successfully, since 2009. 

Why not attend for a new start, pick up a leaflet today.   

The BUS-STOP Community Interest limited company is a charitable, not-for-profit, organisation and offers a core service of listening, stress management and emotional support. 

This can also develop into more in-depth counselling, by arrangement, for those who require it.  

Therefore, we usually offer the same regular time slot for regular clients every week, to coincide with the particular contracted volunteer's shift pattern, which naturally stays the same each week to ensure stability within our public service provision. 

If any of our counsellors or student counsellors are already with someone else when a new enquirer attends, the new enquirer will of course tap on the door to let the counsellor know they have attended and the counsellor will usually explain the client briefly when they will be free to speak to the person in turn, or to let them know when the next available volunteer will be available, ie later the same day or another day and time. 

This simple system empowers the service we offer, to be as flexible as we can, to help as many people as possible and for service users (the general public) to find direct access to our independent mental health service in Central Milton Keynes. there is no need for a specific referral, which frees up GP's, the Hospital, Ambulance, Fire and Police organisations, etc. We believe this is a great service we provide and many have congratulated us on our work. We have also won Pride Community awards for our service to the public over the years.

The 'BUS-STOP' service is available on a daily basis, as a simple Drop-In and Counselling facility. 

Our volunteer Befrienders, Student Counsellors, Counsellors, Therapists or Psychotherapists work on a weekly rota.  

Appointments may be secured for referrals for in depth issues. this will be with other qualified professionals in CMK.

BUS-STOP Minibus Opening Times:- 

Usually from around 9am until 6pm (when available...)

Summer time - Three slots every day (7 days): - 

9am - 12 Noon, 12 Noon - 3pm, 3pm - 6pm. 

Winter time - Three shorter slots: - 

10am - 12pm, 12pm - 2pm, 2pm - 4pm. 

We cannot guarantee these times. Occasionally we have to close at various times there are also times when we need to interview and check a new intake of student volunteer counsellors. However, service users may make an appointment to see our existing volunteer counsellors and we always have a referral service available to pass service users on, if necessary, but only by appointment. 

Therefore, if the BUS-STOP Minibus facility is closed at any time, please email, but please also send a text message to inform, if there is no fast response, due to their being no Counsellor/s in session with clients, or available off duty at the time you contact us -  

Appointments or inquiries:


We at
'BUS-STOP' find that clients are ready to chat and receive a little human compassion and understanding and that often is all that they need. Others may need more and wish to talk on a deeper level with regards what troubles they have.

A normal drop-in session will be approx 20 (twenty) minutes to 50 (fifty) minutes long and is at the discretion of the volunteer counsellor.

A referral may be necessary and this will be conveyed to the client as soon as possible after any attended session.

An assessment may be necessary and our volunteers are available to carry out assessments to decide what service the client will need going forward and if we are able to help them on sight or if there is a felt need for a referral. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further clarification. 

Please be sure to give full details in your email and type your phone number clearly to receive a text, as emails often end up in the spam box, or may even disappear completely into cyber space, these days. 

email: office@thebus-stop.org 

BUS-STOP Clients are free to continue using our Drop-In facility at will and they may see whichever counsellor is on duty at the time they attend, we are a community. 

This changes if you contract with one counsellor volunteer, then you would stay with that counsellor for regular therapy weekly. 

Service users may also choose to see a particular volunteer regularly, rather than see a variety of volunteers and that is perfectly ok. No detailed personal particulars are kept on the drop-in & counseling Minibus.

A client who has been seeing a volunteer regularly can ask any particular counsellor for a regular counselling contract (to also be agreed by the student's manager and the current supervisor) and therefore a fuller relationship begins to develop with that volunteer. This also means signing an official agreement and will help focus the commitment to the counselling and agreed sessions and therefore a more longer term therapeutic relationship may emerge.

We sometimes have 'a Befriender', if we do not have a qualified counsellor on duty, the befriender may be available to speak to enquirers passing by, it may also mean befrienders could attend while a qualified counsellor is attending a shift on the Minibus while the service is open, this is to answer simple questions about the service, where they will not be offering any counselling, as such, but simply to offer leaflets and help by discussing questions about the service or possible session times.

Our regular volunteers attending are all in phone contact with the various help agencies, including the Council, Ambulance, Police and CMK Market Security Services, to offer and summon urgent assistance, if ever required. We are also covered by CCTV all the time.

All our BUS-STOP volunteers comply with the CPFI, BACP and UKCP code of ethics and practice in all aspects of the work, including confidentiality.

Personal Data Security: 

Service Users/Clients: records are never stored on the Minibus that give specific personal details.  All client information held is security coded by issuing a special numbered ticket, which is coded. 

Without a ticket number the information will simply not relate to a specific client, therefore safety and confidentiality is ensured for all clients. 

Also available for TRAUMA / PTSD. we refer to the following services:

The PsychoTrauma Surgery - Milton Keynes.

The TRAUMA CARE TEAM - International Therapy Support Services